Stillness in Action gives you an open door to more happiness at work and leading successful lives.

  • You will know how and when to stop and take 2 minute pauses that transform your effectiveness in your work and enjoyment in your life.
  • You will be given 7 unusual tools, the justification to use them and permission to break the embedded rules of corporate culture that no longer serve the company or the people who work there.
  • Stillness in Action is a new beginning, from early in the morning or a fresh start in the middle of the day, when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed or bored and dissatisfied.
  • This is an extremely readable book that is personable, real, relevant and effective. You will be able to find the riches from your worst experiences in life and identify the hallmark of your own particular strengths.
  • This book is a blessing to anyone who is searching for a little more integrity between who they are and what they do for a living.

Caroline points to an aspect of leadership that has been largely ignored:  the leader's state of being.  Both extremely practical and deeply spiritual, this book is a guide for anyone who wishes to embody the kind of leadership that will be commonplace in the new paradigm that is emerging.

Tim Kelley Tim Kelley
True Purpose Institute

In this brilliant book Caroline brings to life techniques and strategies that will give you the confidence and security to inspire those around you, and she combines this with an honest account of her own extraordinary life.  The refreshing, easy reading style means you absorb the practices effortlessly.   I guarantee you, as well as being a good read, each chapter will leave you eager to try out a new skill, and give you the mental clarity needed to get the best out of yourself and your team.

Ian J Wilson
Performance Analyst, DLG, UK

Caroline has given us a beautiful deep dive into the "fine art" of creating a rich meaningful life—and is that not what we all want!  Her great message is both inspiring and totally applicable — I so love the 2 minute challenges!  If you have an inner voice that is asking for a path to more dynamic, engaging and fulfilling life, this IS the book for you. Thank you so much for sharing your good work with our world, Caroline!

Rick Tamlyn
CPCC, Hay House author of "Play Your Bigger Game.

The magic of Stillness in Action is it makes clear that the greatest skill we can cultivate is not our capacity to maintain our awareness on the present moment, but our capacity to recover when we have lost that focus.  Caroline invites us to do this by learning to disengage from the stress and chaos of everyday life, with simple and accessible tools and techniques.  The result of practicing them will make your life more manageable, and yet, if you embrace the deeper meaning of this book, they will lead to a deeper sense of purpose and your role in life.  And that is truly worth having.

Nick Kettles
MA, CPCC, PCC, Author 'The All-Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness' Shambhalla Books.

Authentically sharing the diverse paths of her story, Caroline helps us find our own story.  True to herself, she brings us to stillness, so that we « may delight in action and lead with integrity and meaning ».  This includes all of who we are, not just the outwardly measurable, doing self, but also the inwardly experiential, being self.  This book shows us exactly how to get there, inviting us into the seven simple practices that she has created and explored, intuitively, viscerally, scientifically and practically.  We learn to pause, quietly and consciously, finding the centre of our deep, discernable strengths, to mobilize ourselves and leap that much  higher.

Trudi Penkler
Psychologist and Motivational Speaker

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