Stillness Coaching

At the moment...

  • You are extremely busy
  • You are successful
  • You are really good at what you do
  • You are a doer
  • You enjoy achieving and getting things done


  • You find it virtually impossible to stop
  • You rarely take time for yourself
  • You know something has to change
  • You are ignoring the signs of stress
  • You are thinking it may be time to opt out


  • You crave a greater sense of creativity and purpose
  • You want what you do to be coherent with your own values
  • You search for the wisdom and guidance to make good choices
  • You want to reclaim your motivation, the delight in action and the willingness to walk on the edge
  • You want to lead with the confidence and self-assurance that brings safety and clarity to others and lets them do what they do best.

Why Stillness?

Stillness is a state that is hard to describe but you know when you have it.

More often than not it is all too fleeting.  Yet you remember that those moments are when you are at peace with yourself and connected to everything, be it Tao, God, Source, or the team, the company, the city.  In those moments of being (of melding and connecting), actions that were habitual, forced or pushed are transformed.  They become actions that are conscious, clear, direct and uncomplicated.

From stillness you move into action that is centered, meaningful, aligned and whole; action that is in integrity with yourself and effective in serving others.

The principle objective of stillness coaching is to give you access to

  • A sense of safety and security
  • To be at ease in the unknown
  • The freedom to be creative
  • The clarity to take action
  • The true appreciation of your own strengths
  • And trust in your own insight and wisdom.

Stillness Works!

Caroline has given us a beautiful deep dive into the "fine art" of creating a rich meaningful life—and is that not what we all want!

Rick Tamlyn
CPCC, Hay House author of "Play Your Bigger Game.

The magic of Stillness in Action is it makes clear that the greatest skill we can cultivate is not our capacity to maintain our awareness on the present moment, but our capacity to recover when we have lost that focus.

Nick Kettles
MA, CPCC, PCC, Author 'The All-Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness' Shambhalla Books.

Coaching with Caroline

Caroline has developed a unique system of Meditation in Motion that is founded in the martial arts.  By combining this with her insightful coaching and intuitive awareness you will experience the power of integrating the wisdom of the body with the intelligence of the mind and the energy of your emotions.

At the Lodge

This coaching is usually delivered on a 1 to 1 basis but is also adapted to married couples and professional partners.  In person coaching sessions can be held at her Grenoble city office or in the more natural setting of Lauvitel Lodge.

Grenoble Office
2 Rue de la Republique

Lauvitel Lodge
Lieu dit La Danchere

At Your Home

Whilst there are apparent advantages to doing this in person, modern technology (typically skype audio and video) and a strong energetic connection make it equally effective to engage in Stillness Coaching at a distance.  The advantages of this are threefold:

  • You can do this from wherever you are
  • There is a deeper level of listening and more freedom in the interaction
  • It is easier to be fully responsible for the outcome

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