Team Retreats

  • We can host up to 20 people
  • Workshops and training rooms
  • Games Area, three gardens and private deck
  • Restaurant with excellent food

We offer specifically designed, tailor-made, team workshops and retreats.  Choosing to come to Lauvitel Lodge with your team, you will have exclusive use of the space, offering a ‘time out’ in a place that is safe, restful and surrounded by natural beauty, at the same time as being challenging, inspiring and uplifting.

  • You will be able to focus on being together with the intention of being honest, establishing trust and creating a new vision.
  • Your time here will be spent taking advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings, with outdoor team activities being integrated into each day, to inform and enhance the work of your team.
  • Each person will have a voice, and come away from the work retreat knowing what they bring to the team and the part they play in achieving the team’s mission.
  • There will be renewed connection and reinvigorating collaboration, creating alignment that integrates each person’s contribution.
  • Your team will return to the office with the power and wisdom to be more effective in coordinating their actions, and to lay the bedrock of your future success.
  • We listen to what you want and adapt the space and the services accordingly.
  • We propose diverse activities that create exceptional value in your time together. It can be anything from light, social and fun to intense, focused and constructive.
  • Mountain activities are immediately accessible from the Lodge. They can engender ease, relaxation and reflection or be challenging to push the team’s bounderies. (Examples include walking along magical river and forest trails, wondering through alpine meadows, scrambling amongst the bolders, hiking to Lauvitel Lake, rafting on the Veneon river or climbing the Via Ferrata.)
  • We facilitate indoor and outdoor team building events that develop specific qualities that you have identified. The Spiders Web, the Stepping Stone Challenge, The Blind Fold Maze are just some examples.
  • Caroline Purkhardt brings her expertise in the martial arts and professional coaching to explore and develop the interrelationships between the different members of the team.

Caroline points to an aspect of leadership that has been largely ignored:  the leader's state of being.

Tim Kelley
True Purpose Institute

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