Caroline Purkhardt

Dr. Caroline Purkhardt lives in the mountains of the French Alps and daily draws on her connection with nature to give her wisdom and guidance to successfully lead Lauvitel Lodge. Her first book was based on her doctorate at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She swore then that if she ever wrote another book it would be for many people to read. More importantly, it would be down to earth and appealing, with the possibility of making a practical difference. Stillness in Action is exactly this; a combination of a scientific background with the implications of neuroscience; of life experiences in international sport and entrepreneurial business; and a real desire to positively impact everyday working life in international corporations.

With an undying interest in integrating seemingly disparate fields, Dr Caroline Purkhardt brings together good business practices with mindfulness and embodied leadership. This integration is informed by her expertise in the martial art of T’ai Chi Chuan, by her work as a Catalyst Coach (CPCC) and by the development of Lauvitel Lodge as an outstanding venue both for holidays and for retreats.

Dr Caroline Purkhardt’s mission is to bring body wisdom and spiritual connection into the work place. Just as we develop the skills and take the time to create and implement projects, liaise with clients and coordinate with staff and colleagues, take care of the financial well-being of the business, put in place the structures and systems that lend efficiency, so too we must develop the skills and dedicate the time to connect with our spiritual essence and listen to the wisdom of our body.

Dr. Caroline Purkhardt believes that Body Wisdom and Spiritual Connection guide, inform, inspire and direct our actions in a way that is both true to ourselves and in coordination with those around us. They lend an integrity to our actions that goes beyond our rational minds and personal feelings. They are a key aspect of efficiency that is directed both to the detail of running the business and to the larger goal of creating businesses that are healthy, sustainable and successful.


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